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The EFTA Surveillance Authority publishes 38th Internal Market Scoreboard


The EFTA Surveillance Authority has published its 38th Internal Market Scoreboard, monitoring how Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway comply with their transposition obligations under the EEA Agreement. The scoreboard reveals that Norway continues to perform well, with only 1 directive awaiting full implementation into national law. Liechtenstein's performance has improved since the scoreboard published in July. However, Iceland's performance has deteriorated and remains disappointing.


While Norway has a transposition deficit of 0.1 percent for directives, Iceland is at 2 percent with 17 directives overdue and has not achieved a deficit below the target of 1% since 2011. Liechtenstein lands at 1.2 percent with 9 directives where implementation is overdue.

On implementing regulations Norway has a deficit of 0,5 percent, while the percentage for Iceland is 1,8.

The purpose of monitoring the Member States' timely compliance is to ensure the full benefits of the EEA agreement for all stakeholders. The Internal Market is a key driver of growth and jobs and one of the main engines for economic recovery. However, it does not deliver benefits automatically. Fragmentation and different sets of rules in the various EEA countries prevent citizens and businesses from reaping the full benefits of the common European market. This is why the EFTA States are repeatedly called upon to improve their records and implement Internal Market legislation within the agreed deadlines.


EFTA States' transposition deficit over the past 5 years.
Transposition deficit as at 31 May 2016 for directives which should have been transposed on or before 31May 2016.

As the European Commission is currently undergoing a period of change regarding future editions of its own Internal Market Scoreboard, no data from the EU Member States has been included in this scoreboard covering the standing as of end of May 2016.

Please find the scoreboard here: Internal Market Scoreboard No 38 

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