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ESA publishes updated 39th Internal Market Scoreboard



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The EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA) has published an updated version of the 39th Internal Market Scoreboard, monitoring how Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway comply with their transposition obligations under the EEA Agreement. The updated version draws comparisons between the other 28 EEA states participating in the Internal Market.

The main findings of the updated scoreboard are that along with one EU State, Norway maintained the lowest transposition deficit of all EEA States. Liechtenstein's improved performance placed it among the ten best performers. Iceland once again found itself among the worst performers.


EFTA states' transposition deficit over the past 5 years. Transposition deficit as at 30 November 2016 for directives which should have been transposed on or before 30 November 2016.

The scoreboard reveals that Norway continues to perform well, with only 3 directives awaiting full implementation, translating into a transposition deficit for directives of 0.4%. Liechtenstein's performance has continued to improve, with 7 directives not fully transposed, making a transposition deficit of 0.9%. However, Iceland's performance has deteriorated once again, with 18 directives overdue. This means its transposition deficit for directives has risen, once again, to 2.2%.This is well above the EU MS average deficit of 1.5%.

The purpose of monitoring the Member States' timely compliance with their transposition obligations is to ensure the full benefits of the EEA agreement for all stakeholders. This is why the EFTA States are called upon to improve their records and implement Internal Market legislation within the agreed deadlines.

Please find the Scoreboard here.

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