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PR(94)32: Surveillance Authority authorises investment aid for SMEs in Austria


The EFTA Surveillance Authority today authorised a plan of the authorities of the Austrian Land Oberosterreich (Upper Austria) to replace the current "SME Eurofit Programme" (KMU-Eurofit-Programm) and the current "Quality Programme for Tourism" (Qualitdtsprogrammtr den Tourismus -QAT) by a new "Euro-Economic Promotion Programme" (Euro-Wirtschaftsforderungsprogramm - EWP). Having analysed the guidelines of the new programme on the basis of Article 61 of the EEA Agreement, the Authority has decided not to raise objections to the aid measures in question.

The EWP-guidelines foresee aid for material and immaterial investment of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) located or to be located in Ober6sterreich. The aid will be given in the form of one-off grants. Apart from de minimis aid (up to 50.000 ECU), the maximum aid intensity is 7.5% gross for medium-sized enterprises and 15% gross for small enterprises located outside assisted areas as defined by the Authority. For SMEs located in assisted areas, the maximum aid intensities are 15% and 20% gross.

The EWP-guidelines shall apply until the end of 1998. The budget foreseen for the scheme is 240 million ATS for the whole duration (1994-1998).

For further information please contact Wolfgang Mederer (State Aid and Monopolies Directorate) on tel. 22 66 852.

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