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PR(94)14: Surveillance Authority authorises state aid scheme in Austria (Oberosterreic11)


The EFTA Surveillance Authority (EFTA‑Oberwachungsbehörde) today authorised the new "Location of Enterprises Impulse Programme" (Betriebsansiedlungs‑Impuls-­Programm ‑ BIP) of the Austrian Land of Oberösterreich.

The new scheme foresees aid designed to help small and medium‑sized enterprises (SMEs) to invest in all regions of Oberösterreich. The scheme also encourages enterprises regardless of their size to invest in assisted areas as approved by the Surveillance Authority Decision of 11 May 1994 on the map of assisted areas in Austria. The scheme also foresees a control mechanism preventing aids paid from several sources from exceeding the applicable maximum ceilings.

The aid will take the form of interest subsidies of 3% in assisted areas and of 2% in other areas of Oberösterreich, and has a budget of 100 million ATS for the whole duration of the scheme (1994‑1996). The maximum aid intensity outside assisted areas is 7.5% for medium‑sized (up to 250 employees) and 15% for small enterprises (up to 50 employees).

Aid awards to enterprises in sensitive industrial sectors such as synthetic fibres, motor vehicle and steel industries will be subject to individual scrutiny and assent by the Authority.

The new programme guidelines were examined by the Authority with regard to Article 61 of the EEA Agreement, the rules on regional aid and the rules on aid to small and medium‑sized enterprises. Given that the proposed guidelines are in line with the relevant rules, the Authority decided, on the basis of Article 61(3)(c),‑. not to raise objections.

For further information please contact Klaus Pendl (Press and Information Officer) at tel. 22 66 882.

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