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PR(94)10: Major progress seen in the implementation of the EEA agreement by EFTA States


The EFTA Surveillance Authority has decided not to pursue the formal proceedings initiated in March 1994 against Austria, Finland, Iceland and Norway, which had not in time given adequate information on their compliance with legal acts referred to in the EEA Agreement.

By this measure the Surveillance Authority indicates that, despite the delays which prompted the proceedings, the Authority has now made a positive assessment of the way in which the EFTA States have so far fulfilled their obligation to notify the transposition of Directives and responded to the Authority's request for information.

"The fact that we have called off further formal action on this general issue reflects a situation where we now can say that we have established an overview of the transposition of the Agreement into national law in the EFTA States", states Knut Almestad, President of the Surveillance Authority. "However, this is only a first step. In the vast material we have received, there are still gaps here and there, and a number of cases of improper implementation, which we are pursuing on a case by case basis. A few formal actions have already been launched, and others will probably follow."

Mr. Almestad also recalls that the so‑called 1nterim Package", which the EEA Joint Comn‑dnee included in the EEA Agreement last March, contains about 400 new legal acts. The EFTA States must comply with most of them by 1 July 1994 and notify them to the EFTA Surveillance Authority. "Now that the EFTA States and the Authority have rehearsed the notification procedure once, everything should go even more smoothly the second time around", says Knut Almestad.

For further information please contact Klaus Pendl (Press and Information Officer) at tel. 2266882.

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