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PR(94)06: 'De minimis' notice for small breweries


The EFTA Surveillance Authority on April 6, 1994 adopted a further three notices in the field of competition policy, corresponding to existing European Commission acts. This "second package" of competition notices sets out principles which will guide the Authority when applying the EEA competition rules to particular cases.

The three notices are:

Notice concerning the assessment of co‑operative Joint. ventures pursuant to Article 53 of the EEA Agreement; Notice clarifying the activities of motor vehicle intermediaries and Notice modifying the notice on the application of Article 53(3) of the EEA Agreement to categories of exclusive distribution and exclusive purchasing agreements.

The latter is of major importance especially for small and medium sized breweries as it is a kind of "de minimis" notice for exclusive beer supply agreements.

Such agreements are defined as of minor importance ‑ for which the EEA competition rules normally do not apply ‑ if the market share of the respective brewery is below one per cent on the national market and if the brewery does not produce more than 200 000 hl of beer per annum. These principles apply to agreements with a duration of not more than seven and a half years in as far as they cover beer and other drinks, and of fifteen years if they cover only beer.

"We have adopted this notice in the interest of effective competition in this market, says Nic Grönvall, Member of the Authority in charge of competition policy. "This should help to secure a broad variety of high quality beers for the consumers".

The notices can be obtained from the EFTA Surveillance Authority (Tina Bäckstrom, Tel. 22 66 862).

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