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PR(94)04: Surveillance Authority requests information from Commission on state aid to airlines


On behalf of the EFTA Surveillance Authority, Nic Grönvall today requested the European Commission to inform and consult with the Authority during its investigations on State aid already given or intended to be given to different airlines in the European Union.

Mr. Grönvall, responsible for competition matters within the Authority, in consultation with Heinz Zourek, responsible for State aid matters, also asked the Commission to consult with the Authority when setting the conditions for State aid to airlines in the European Union. He thereby made use of Protocol 27 of the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA), providing for an exchange of information and views on general policy issues, programmes and cases in the field of State aid.

"As State aid to airlines in the European Union may also have an effect on airlines in the EFTA States, we do attribute considerable importance to close cooperation in this field", says Nic Grönvall.

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Press and Information Officer
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