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PR(96)06: New Directors in the EFTA Surveillance Authority


The EFTA Surveillance Authority has recently, as a consequence of its normal policy of rotation of personnel, appointed two new Directors, who will take up their new positions this autumn. Lilja Vidarsdóttir will succeed Helmut Spindler as Director of the Goods Directorate, and Amund Utne is replacing Jorma Pihlatie as Director of the Competition and State Aid Directorate.

Lilja Vidarsdóttir, Director of Goods Directorate as from 15 September, has a MA Degree in political science and international relations. She was Office Manager of the Icelandic Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce from 1983 to 1988. Employed by Iceland's Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 1988, she was taking active part in the negotiations leading up to the EEA Agreement. Since 1991 she has been Deputy Head of Iceland's Mission to EU, a position which has entailed a continued close involvement in questions related to the European Economic Area.

Amund Utne, Director of Competition and State Aid Directorate as from 1 October, has a University Degree in economics. He was employed by the Norwegian Ministry of Finance 1971-81, i.a. as Assistant Director General of the Planning Department, followed by a 6 years appointment with the EFTA Secretariat in Geneva, i.a. as Director of Economic Affairs. After a short term with the Bank of Norway as Special Adviser on European integration, he has again been in the Ministry of Finance since 1988, where he now is Director General of International Economic Affairs. Mr. Utne was also closely participating in the negotiations and establishment of the EEA.


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