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PR(99)27: The EFTA Surveillance requests Norway to comply with EEA rules


The EFTA Surveillance Authority has on  December 1999 sent a Reasoned Opinion to Norway for failure to comply with EEA rules on freedom to provide services in the area of Civil Aviation.

The Reasoned Opinion was issued pursuant to the first paragraph of Article 31 of the Agreement between the EFTA States on the Establishment of a Surveillance Authority and a Court of Justice, and after having given Norway the opportunity to submit its observations. The purpose of a Reasoned Opinion is to give the States in question a last chance to take corrective measures before the Authority decides to bring the matter before the EFTACourt.

The Authority concludes that Norway, by charging air transport taxes which discriminate between domestic flights and flights to other States of the EEA, secures a special advantage for the domestic market and the internal air transport services in Norway and thus creates a restriction on the freedom to provide services, as enshrined in Article 36 of the EEA Agreement and Article 3(1) of the Act referred to in point 64a of Annex XIII to the EEA Agreement, Council Regulation (EEC) No 2408/92 on access for Community air-carriers to intra-Community air routes. 

The Norwegian Government is requested to take the necessary measures to comply with this Reasoned Opinion within three months following notification thereof.

For further information please contact Peter Dyrberg (Legal & Executive Affairs) on telephone (32 2) 286 18 30.

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