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PR(00)03: EFTA Surveillance Authority clears a new Norwegian training aid scheme


The EFTA Surveillance Authority on 1 March 2000 decided not to raise objections to a proposal by the Norwegian authorities to create a new training aid scheme (“Tilskudd til bedriftsintern opplæring”). The scheme replaces an existing scheme for training aid.

The scheme will be financed by the Ministry of Labour and Government Affairs. Grants under the scheme will be awarded by the local labour market authorities. Firms in certain sectors (shipbuilding, synthetic fibres, the motor industry, the steel industry and transport)

are not eligible for support. Apart from this, the scheme is sectorally neutral.

Grants provided under the scheme shall contribute to

·        prevent exclusion from the labour market in circumstances of major readjustments,

·        maintain and strengthen the competence of employees in firms which have readjustment or structural problems and which are of particular significance for the labour market, or

·        recruit for vacancies which are difficult to fill.

The scheme complies with the Authority’s guidelines on State aid to training, which correspond to similar guidelines issued by the European Commission.

For further information, please contact Mr. Trond Kvarsvik on tel. 32-2-286-1853.

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