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PR(04)38 - Approval of prolongation of temporary regional loan scheme in NorwaY


The EFTA Surveillance Authority decided today to approve a notification from Norway concerning a one year prolongation of a previously approved temporary regional loan scheme. The scheme will now run until 31 December 2005. The prolongation is due to delays in the implementation of the scheme and the fact that the scheme’s original budget has not yet been depleted.

The extension of the investment phase is the only change to the scheme. There will be no increase in its budget, which will remain NOK 500 million for loans and NOK 75 million for interest subsidies. 

The Authority had, in its previous decision, found that the aid measure was compatible with the EEA Agreement. The extension of the investment period until 31 December 2005 did not affect that assessment.

For further information, please contact

Mr. Amund Utne, Director, Competition and State aid, Tel. (+32) (0)2 286 18 50


Mr. Rolf Egil Tønnessen, Deputy Director State aid, Tel. (+32) (0)2 286 18 56.

1 December 2004

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