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PR(04)27: EFTA Surveillance Authority adopts procedural rules for State aid control


In order to facilitate the notification of State aid by the EFTA States, and their assessment by the Authority, the Authority has, on the 14 July 2004, adopted new and compulsory notification forms. The decision is addressed to Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. It sets out the form, content and other details of notifications and it also provides new formats for annual reports on State aid to be forwarded to the Authority.

This Decision further establishes rules for the calculation of time limits in all procedures concerning State aid and on interest rates for the recovery of unlawful aid. In cases where the Authority requires an EFTA State to recover aid that has been unlawfully granted, the recovery shall include interests calculated from the point in time that the aid was made available. The Decision stipulates that the interest rate should normally be calculated on the basis of the inter-bank swap rate plus 75 basis points. The interest rates laid down in the Decision apply to recovery decisions notified to the EFTA State after entry into force of the Decision.

The Decision concerns aid in all sectors covered by the EEA Agreement.


For further information, please contact Ms Maria J. Segura, Officer Competition and State aid on tel.: (+32) (0) 2 286 18 53 or Ms Annette Kliemann, Officer Competition and State aid on tel.: (+32)(0)2 286 18 80

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