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PR(04)01: EFTA Internal Market Scoreboard shows that the EFTA States continue to perform well in their efforts to implement new EEA law


The EFTA Surveillance Authority and the European Commission have both published their Internal Market Scoreboards today. The scoreboard figures reveal that the three EFTA States all have succeeded in reducing their transposition deficits. Of the 18 EEA States, Norway ranks second after Denmark, while Iceland and Liechtenstein rank as number four and five.

The EFTA Internal Market Scoreboard is a biannual report measuring how well the EFTA States succeed in implementing Internal Market rules and principles.   The report is issued in parallel with the European Commission’s Internal Market Scoreboard. The Commission publishes its January Scoreboard as a part of the Internal Market Strategy Report.

The EFTA Surveillance Authority’s Scoreboard concludes that:

  • The EFTA States have again succeeded in decreasing the transposition deficit i.e. the number of legislative measures that are not transposed into the national legal order on time. This deficit now stands at a record low of 0.9 %. The EFTA deficit is considerably lower than that of the EU States, whose deficit has decreased to 2.3 %.
  • Individually, all three EFTA States have decreased their implementation deficits. All three now have a transposition deficit below 1.5 %, which is the target set by the Authority.
  • Both Iceland and Liechtenstein have failed to implement three directives that are overdue by more than two years. This is an increase of 2 and 3 directives, respectively. Both States rank among the States with the longest average transposition delay.
  • The overall number of infringement proceedings against the EFTA States has gone down and remains low compared with the EU Member States.
  • The duty under the EEA Agreement to ensure a well-functioning Internal Market is taken seriously by the EFTA States, and the EFTA States have put in good efforts to ensure the timely transposition of new acquis communautaire.

The full Report is available at the EFTA Surveillance Authority’s website.

For further information, please contact Mr. Tor Arne Solberg-Johansen, Press and Information Officer, tel. (+32)(0)2 286 18 66.

21 January 2004

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