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PR(05)23: The Authority reacts against Iceland and Norway for failing to correctly apply rules on import of frozen fishery products from third countries


15 July 2005   

The EFTA Surveillance Authority today delivered reasoned opinions to Iceland and Norway because of these countries’ failure to correctly apply Council Directive 91/493/EEC on the production of fishery products and Commission Decision 97/102/EC laying down special conditions for the import of fishery products originating in Russia.

By allowing import of fishery products not coming from approved establishments, factory vessels or cold stores or from freezer vessels listed in Decision 97/102/EC, Iceland and Norway have failed to fulfil their obligations under Directive 91/493/EEC.

The reasoned opinions request that Iceland and Norway take corrective measures in order to ensure that consignments of frozen fish originating in Russia only come from establishments etc. appearing on the list included in Commission Decision 97/102/EC. As a next step, and in the light of any measures taken by Iceland and Norway, the Authority will decide whether to bring the matter before the EFTA Court.

The general criteria for import of fishery products from third countries are laid down in Council Directive 91/493/EEC, while the special conditions for import of fishery products from Russia are laid down in Commission Decision 97/102/EC.

One of the requirements of the Decision is that fishery products originating in Russia must come from approved establishments, factory vessels, freezer vessels etc. listed in the Decision.

For further information please contact Mr Ketil Rykhus, Senior Officer, Internal Market Affairs Directorate, tel. (+32) (0) 476 98 32 90.

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