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PR(06)44: Iceland fails to implement rules on health and safety requirements concerning noise


The EFTA Surveillance Authority today delivered a reasoned opinion to Iceland due to the failure to ensure implementation of Directive 2003/10/EC on the minimum health and safety requirements regarding the exposure of workers to the risks arising from physical agents (noise).

Iceland should have implemented the Directive by 15 February 2006.

The Directive lays down minimum requirements for the protection of workers from risks to their health and safety arising or likely to arise from exposure to noise, and in particular the risk to hearing.

According to the Directive, the risks arising from exposure to noise shall be eliminated at their source or reduced to a minimum. This is to be done taking into account technical progress and the availability of measures to control the risk at source. Furthermore, the Directive, inter alia, defines the exposure limit values and exposure action values in respect of daily noise exposure levels and peak sound pressure.

The purpose of the Authority’s reasoned opinion is to give Iceland a last chance to take corrective measures before the Authority decides whether to bring the matter before the EFTA Court. Iceland has been given three months to take the measures necessary to comply with the reasoned opinion.


For further information, please contact:

Mr. Hallgrímur Ásgeirsson
Director, Internal Market Affairs Directorate
Tel. (+32)(0)2 286 18 60

31 October 2006

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