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PR(95)04: Surveillance Authority presents annual report


New College Member from Liechtenstein

The EFTA Surveillance Authority today presented its first Annual Report, summarising work during 1994 and establishing an overview of the process of implementation of EEA (European Economic Area) legislation in the five EFTA States participating in the EEA in 1994 (Austria, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden).

By the end of 1994, the Authority could conclude that national measures ensuring full or partial implementation of 93% of directives that were to be transposed had been taken in the five EFTA States. Individually, the States performed as follows: Finland 97%, Sweden 96%, Norway 94%, Austria 89%, and Iceland 88%.

Within the field of general surveillance (including monopolies), the Authority pursued 66 formal infringement proceedings against EFTA States (Austria 21, Finland 15, Sweden 13, Iceland 10, and Norway 7). The cases include both those started on the Authority's own initiative, and those based on a total of 164 complaints received by the Authority (many of them dealing with the same matters). None of these cases, however, have so far been brought before the EFTA Court.

Furthermore, state aid schemes in the EFTA area were adapted to conform with EEA rules and the disciplines with regard to public procurement were enforced. Undertakings were also increasingly conforming with the exigencies of the competition rules.

"All in all, the original EEA Agreement has in its major parts been implemented in the national legal systems of the EFTA States", summarises Knut Almestad, President of the EFTA Surveillance Authority. We now shall concentrate on implementation control with regard to the several hundred new acts that were added to the Agreement through EEA Joint Corrunittee decisions alongside with ensuring the correct application of EEA legislation in Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway."

Following the Principality of Liechtenstein joining the EEA Agreement with effect of 1 May 1995, Mr Bernd Hammermann was appointed Member of the College of the EFTA Surveillance Authority. His portfolio includes the free movement of persons, services and capital, as well as the fields of consumer protection, environment, company law and social policies.

For further information please contact Klaus Pendl (Press and Information Officer) on tel. 2266882. Copies of the Annual Report are available upon request.

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