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ESA closes Trondheim Spektrum investigation




ESA concludes that state aid granted to Trondheim Spektrum AS by the Municipality of Trondheim is compatible with EEA state aid rules.

EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA) has closed the formal investigation into four alleged aid measures today.

The Municipality is the majority shareholder in Trondheim Spektrum AS which owns and operates Trondheim Spektrum. This is a multipurpose facility used for sports events, concerts, trade fairs, congresses, and a training venue for local sports clubs.

ESA opened a formal investigation following two complaints in which it was claimed that Trondheim Spektrum AS received unlawful state aid from the Municipality. ESA looked into four measures: lease agreements allegedly not entered into on market terms, a capital increase, the financing of infrastructure costs, and an alleged implicit guarantee for a loan.

ESA found that the capital increase entails state aid. This aid is, however, compatible with the EEA Agreement. Further, it cannot be excluded that the lease agreements contain elements of aid. However, such aid would also be compatible with the EEA Agreement. The other two measures investigated do not entail state aid, ESA concludes.

ESA considers that Trondheim Spektrum will ensure the public's access to facilities for sports, culture and recreation, and thereby satisfy a policy objective of common interest.

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