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ESA greenlights rail freight support to protect the environment




ESA has approved a rail freight support scheme in Norway, which will help the transition to more environmentally friendly freight transport. It has a total budget of NOK 235.74 million (EUR 24.5 million) and a duration of three years.

Freight transport places certain costs on society, so called external costs, which service providers have little incentive to take into account. This may include local emissions, congestion and noise. These negative costs to society are significantly higher for transport by road than for transport by rail.

Norway will give financial support to make rail transport a favourable option. Operators will be compensated up to 50 percent of the external costs that are avoided by shifting freight transport from road to rail. This is in line with Norway's aim to encourage a shift from road to alternative modes of transport by 2030, in order to reduce negative environmental effects.

ESA has given the green light to a number of state measures that aim to reduce environmental impact, such as support for environmentally beneficial maritime transport, support for electric cars and support for alternative fuels.

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