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State Aid

New study on state aid in the EEA EFTA States



Only a small number of state aid cases have been brought up in national courts in Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway over the past 25 years. This is one of the findings in a study published by ESA today.

Enforcement of state aid rules is essential for a level playing field in the European Economic Area. The role of the national courts is to protect the rights of competitors and other third parties where aid is granted without ESA's authorization.

The new study gives an overview on how state aid rules are implemented and enforced in Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway. The study also looks into how the states implement ESA's decisions requiring recovery of incompatible aid.

Very few cases relying on state aid rules have been brought before national courts in the three EFTA States during the 25 years of the EEA Agreement. Explanations for this could be ambiguity of state aid rules in national law and lack of knowledge of state aid rules among legal practitioners and judges.

Following a call for interest published in February 2019, ESA commissioned the study from three external partners: law firms Kluge and Advel for Norway and Iceland, and the Liechtenstein Institute, a research institute based in Liechtenstein.

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