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State Aid

Norway finances new subsea cable to ensure reliable delivery of essential services




ESA approves state aid for the construction of a new subsea cable that will ensure reliable delivery of essential services

Norway is one of the most digitalised countries in Europe. Many of the essential functions of Norwegian society such as police, hospitals and banks rely on Internet access.

Currently, almost all communications traffic in and out of Norway follows one geographic route, through Oslo, Sweden and Copenhagen. Norway has a need for an alternative pathway to maintain essential services and citizens' access to electronic communications in case of an outage on the existing route. Norway's financing of this new cable will strengthen national security by ensuring safe and reliable communication.

Norway organises an open and non-discriminatory call for construction of the new subsea cable. This competition aims to find the best and most economical solution for an alternative pathway.

ESA has no objections to the implementation of the measure, given the concerns it aims to address and provided that the aid will be granted on the basis of an open and non-discriminatory process.

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