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State aid: No evidence of state aid found in case concerning Fjord1 ferries


The Authority has not found any evidence that a bid put forward by Fjord1 MRF AS on four ferry routes in the counties of Møre og Romsdal and Sogn og Fjordane entailed any state aid.

In 2007, a complaint was filed with the EFTA Surveillance Authority in connection with the tendering of the four ferry routes (the "Romsdal package"). The complainant (Tide Sjø AS) alleged that Fjord1 had won the tendering procedure on the basis of a bid which was abnormally low. The complainant argued that such a low bid could only be explained by the presence of state support. The complainant furthermore alleged that the capital injection which the Fjord1 group had benefited from in 2006, also entailed some state aid.

The Authority has not found any evidence that the Fjord1 bid entailed any state aid. Indeed, there was no transfer of state resources within the Fjord1 group to Fjord1. The fact that the bid was lower than the other competing bids could be explained by several elements such as Fjord1 having a large existing fleet which led to lower costs.

The Authority has not found any evidence that the capital injection involved any state aid. It took place under terms and conditions which seem to comply with the principle of the market economy investor.

The Authority therefore concluded that there was no evidence that the measures under review entailed any state aid.


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