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State aid: No aid involved in lease agreement for solar collector plant in Norway



The Authority today cleared a lease agreement between Skedsmo municipality and Akershus Energi Varme AS concerning Akershus Energipark.

Akershus Energipark is an innovation park with projects related to renewable energy and environmental issues. It is located in Skedsmo municipality, 22 km north of Oslo. A solar collector plant will be built as part of the energy plant. 

Akershus Energi Varme and Skedsmo municipality entered into the lease agreement on 3 December 2009. The company will lease approximately 30.000 m2 from the municipality to set up the solar collector plant. The duration of the lease is estimated to be of at least 10 years.

An independent expert valued the land and concluded that the rent, as agreed between the parties, corresponded to the market value.

The Authority, in the light of the report by the independent expert, concluded that the lease agreement did not entail any state aid.


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