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State Aid: Norwegian NOx tax exemption scheme approved



Today, the Authority approved a Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) tax exemption scheme proposed by the Norwegian authorities. The scheme allows undertakings to obtain a full exemption from taxes on NOx emissions under certain conditions.

The NOx scheme will cover the period 2011-2017 and was notified on 21 March 2011. A similar scheme covering the period 2008-2010 had already been approved by the Authority.

From 1 January 2007, the Norwegian Parliament introduced a NOx tax in order to enable Norway to reduce national emissions in line with its commitments under international treaties.

The exemption scheme was introduced in order to achieve a more efficient reduction of NOx emissions. Pursuant to the scheme, 15 business organisations concluded an environmental agreement with the Norwegian State whereby it is possible for individual undertakings to gain full exemption from the tax, and instead pay a contribution into a privately run fund. The private fund allocates its financial resources among individual participating undertakings to ensure that collectively a total reduction of 16 000 tons will be achieved between 2011-2017.

The Authority considers that the exemption constitutes state aid, but that the scheme is compatible with the functioning of the EEA Agreement on the basis of the Authority's Guidelines on State Aid for Environmental Protection.

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