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State Aid: Investigation into alleged aid to Norsk Film group closed



The EFTA Surveillance Authority decided yesterday to close an investigation into alleged state aid to the Norsk Film group.

The Authority opened its formal investigation on 2 December 2009, following a complaint. The Authority investigated two measures. The first measure concerns the payment of a  grant of NOK 36 million to Norsk Film AS in 1998 and 1999 for the upgrading of its production facilities. The second measure concerns the application of a preferential tax treatment for non-profit organisations to some companies previously belonging to the Norsk Film group over the period 1995 to 2001.

In its decision the Authority considers that the payment of the NOK 36 million grant was part of an existing system of aid pre-dating the EEA Agreement. As the system of aid was terminated in 2006, the Authority has decided to close the investigation.

Regarding the application of the preferential tax treatment, the Authority has concluded that the measure in question did not constitute state aid. Indeed, the measure under review was the application of a general tax regime. In the absence of evidence that the regime had been misapplied to the companies in question, the measure could not be considered as being selective. The Authority therefore decided to close the investigation also on that point.

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Ms. Marianne Clayton,
Senior Officer
Competition and State Aid Directorate
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