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State aid: Norwegian Energy Fund scheme approved



Today, the Authority approved the the Norwegian Energy Fund scheme until the end of 2016 as notified by the Norwegian authorities.

The scheme will replace the current Energy Fund scheme approved by the Authority in 2006.[1]

The objective of the scheme is to promote an environmentally friendly change in the use and production of energy in Norway. The Norwegian Government has set an overall performance target of increasing the production of energy based on renewable energy sources and of reducing the energy consumption by 40 TWh in the period 2001-2020.

The scheme is managed by Enova SF, a state enterprise owned by the Norwegian state. Under the scheme Enova grants aid to undertakings:

  • for the production of renewable energy from biomass, biogas, solar, wind, tide, wave and hydro,
  • for cogeneration, district heating or cooling plants as well as district heating and cooling infrastructure,
  • for energy saving measures, and
  • to develop new energy technologies in the mentioned fields.

The Energy Fund is financed under the Norwegian state budget, as well as by a levy on the distribution tariff of electricity, paid by end consumers. The budget for 2011 is NOK 1 865 millions, which corresponds to approximately EUR 241.6 million.


For further information, please contact:


Mr. Per Andreas Bjørgan
Competition and State aid Directorate     
tel. (+32)(0)2 286 18 36   

[1] Decision No 125/06/COL. As amended by Decisions No 536/09/COL, 75/10/COL and 486/10/COL. All available online in the Authority's State aid register:

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