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State aid: Aid to Sway Turbine AS approved



Yesterday, the Authority approved state aid from the Norwegian Energy Fund scheme to Sway Turbine AS for a pilot project intended to demonstrate an innovative new type of gearless light-weight 10 MW wind turbine intended for use offshore. The purpose of the pilot project is to demonstrate the turbine under realistic (onshore) operating conditions in order to introduce it to the market. Sway intends to verify a future 18% reduction in turbine investment costs for wind power. The turbine is to be operated for one to two years, and is scheduled to be commercially available before 2015.

Sway Turbine AS will receive NOK 137.2 million (approximately EUR 17.7 million) in aid to carry out the project.

The Authority has assessed the aid directly under Article 61(3)(c) of the EEA Agreement and concluded that the positive environmental effects of the aid outweigh the limited negative impact which the aid might have on competition and trade. The aid is aimed at increasing renewable energy production by contributing to the market diffusion of the turbine. This may in the longer term make offshore wind parks more cost-efficient.


For further information, please contact:


Mr. Per Andreas Bjørgan
Competition and State aid Directorate     
tel. (+32)(0)2 286 18 36   


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