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State Aid

State aid: Norwegian support to provider of digital learning material cleared



The Norwegian authorities are in their right to fund the Nasjonal digital læringsarena (NDLA), the EFTA Surveillance Authority decided today.

NDLA is an intermunicipal cooperation which develops and purchases digital learning material for Norwegian secondary schools. The material is made available to Norwegian pupils on a designated website free of charge.

The Norwegian government decided in 2006 to introduce free teaching material for secondary schools and to encourage the use of digital learning material. The county municipalities were invited to cooperate in the purchase and development of such digital learning material. 18 county municipalities decided to set up an intermunicipal cooperation under the name of NDLA.

In 2010 the Authoritiy received a complaint arguing that NDLA is an undertaking and that the funds attributed to it constitute illegal state aid.

However, the Authority considers that the support does not constitute State aid within the definition of the EEA Agreement, since NDLA is not an undertaking engaged in an economic activity. In particular, the development of digital learning material falls within the scope of public education. Furthermore, NDLA is an integrated part of the public administration, which provides its services to the Norwegian public free of charge.


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