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State aid: Financing of safety training courses by county schools approved



The EFTA Surveillance Authority decided today to close its case concerning the financing of safety training courses by county schools. Norway has agreed to amend its legislation so as to comply with the state aid rules of the EEA Agreement.

The county schools in question offer safety and emergency training courses not only to students – as part of their vocational programme in upper secondary school – but also on the market, for example to employees of the oil and maritime industries.

The Authority found in June 2013 that the current system of financing of these courses did not prevent the use of state resources in the schools' commercial activities.

Therefore, the Authority proposed to the Norwegian authorities that county schools should be required either to incorporate their commercial activities into separate legal entities or, alternatively, to keep separate accounts distinguishing between their publicly financed education activities and their commercial activities. Schools must ensure that the commercial activities carry a proportionate share of common costs.

The Norwegian authorities agreed to the Authority's suggestions and will require county schools to keep separate accounts to ensure that their commercial activities cover all variable costs as well as a proportion of common costs.

In light of the above, the Authority has decided to close this case.


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