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State aid: Green light for the aid to BE Varme AS



The EFTA Surveillance Authority today approved Enova's plans to grant aid to BE Varme AS for the construction of a district heating plant based mainly on renewable energy, including a distribution network for heating.

“The plant will generate district heating mainly from renewable sources and replace existing combustion of oil. The positive environmental effects outweigh the limited effect of the aid on competition. In light of this, the Authority has found that the state aid is compatible with the EEA Agreement”, Ms Oda Helen Sletnes, President of the EFTA Surveillance Authority, stated.

The NOK 88.5 million grant will be made under the Norwegian Energy Fund Scheme (Energifondsordningen), which was approved by the Authority in 2011.

Due to its high amount, the aid had to be cleared by the Authority under the EEA state aid rules. These rules allow the EEA States to  support environmental objectives where, on balance, the environmental benefits outweigh potential distortions of competition.

A non-confidential version of the Decision will be published in the register of state aid decisions on the Authority's website, usually within a month.

Quick facts:

  • BE Varme AS is wholly owned by Bodø Energi AS
  • Total investment costs: NOK 270 739 605
  • Totalt aid granted: NOK 88 530 000
    • Aid granted for the production part: NOK 38 079 187. This amounts to an aid intensity of 31,47 percent.
    • Aid granted for the distribution infrastructure: NOK 50 450 813. This amounts to an aid intensity of 50 percent.
  • Environmental profit: From 2018 the project will provide a net reduction in approximately 7.2 million litres of oil per year and an environmental benefit of an annual reduction in CO2 emissions of approximately 19,000 tonnes.


For further information, please contact:

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