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State Aid: No cross-subsidisation in maritime courses



The EFTA Surveillance Authority has concluded that the provision of certain maritime courses by Redningsselskapet and the University of Tromsø does not conflict with EEA state aid rules.

The Authority looked into this matter following a complaint received in May 2014. The complainant argued among other things that Redningsselskapet had cross-subsidised its courses with public funds received as a compensation for the rescue operations it provides at sea on behalf of the Norwegian State.

The complainant also pointed at the University of Tromsø which provides the same courses. The courses in question concern the management of crisis on the bridge and in the engine room on ships. They have been imposed on maritime officers by an international convention.

The Authority had already assessed Redningsselskapet's accounting methodology and the separation of accounts between its economic and non-economic activities in an earlier decision. The Authority excluded the existence of state aid, because there was no evidence of risk of cross-subsidisation between economic and non-economic activities.

Today, the Authority has confirmed those general findings, applied to the courses in question. The courses are accounted separately and they are offered at market conditions.

Regarding the University of Tromsø, the courses are only offered to registered students as part of a Bachelor's Degree program. The Authority has concluded that this is not an economic activity and therefore outside the scope of the state aid rules.

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