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State Aid: Additional aid to Finnfjord AS not approved




The EFTA Surveillance Authority decided today that a grant of NOK 16 million from Innovation Norway to cover cost increases in an energy recovery project at Finnfjord AS cannot be approved. Such additional aid is not in line with EEA rules on environmental aid.

The Authority opened an in-depth investigation into the matter in November 2013. Two years earlier, the Authority had approved a NOK 175 million grant of aid to Finnfjord from Enova SF to finance the project.

The installation, which was completed in 2012, proved to be more expensive than anticipated, but Enova rejected Finnfjord's application for additional aid. Finnfjord then applied for aid from Innovation Norway, which was to take the form of a grant of NOK 16 million.

Following a thorough assessment, the Authority has now concluded that the aid from Innovation Norway would not give Finnfjord an incentive to carry out additional environmental measures, since the project was already completed. It is not unusual nor unforeseeable that invesments in new technology end up being more expensive than planned, therefore the aid cannot be regarded as necessary to complete the project.

A non-confidential version of the Authority's decision will shortly be published on the Authority's website and in the Official Journal of the European Union.


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