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PR(08)83: State aid scoreboard autumn 2008


Today the EFTA Surveillance Authority has published a scoreboard on the volume of state aid granted in Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway for the period 2004-2007. This is the third time that the EFTA Surveillance Authority publishes a scoreboard on the volume of state aid. The present scoreboard is the most comprehensive of the three as it covers state aid granted in the EFTA States during the whole period of 2004-2007.

The present scoreboard has – just like the previous scoreboards - been prepared in close contact with the European Commission. This implies not only that the scoreboard figures have been calculated on the basis of a methodology similar to that applied for the state aid scoreboard issued by the European Commission, but also that comparisons between aid volumes of EFTA States and EU Member States have been included. The European Commission, on its side, has for the first time published data on the EFTA States in the scoreboard issued in the autumn 2008.

The scoreboard reveals that while the level of aid granted in Norway has been somewhat lower than the EU-27 average up until 2006, Norway increased the grant of aid considerably in 2007. The increase is largely due to an increase in the amount of (i) regional aid under the scheme for regionally differentiated social security contributions; and (ii) transport aid under the scheme on tax alleviations in favour of the maritime sector.

The level of aid granted in Iceland have been increasing up to 2006. However, following a reduction of aid in 2007 Iceland ended up having granted the lowest level of aid in the period reviewed. Overall, Liechtenstein has decreased aid over the period 2004-2007. Compared to the EU-27 average both Iceland and Liechtenstein are among the countries having granted the lowest level of aid throughout the period.

The scoreboard reveals that in relation to total aid an increasing share of aid in Iceland is directed at research and development. Norway on the other hand has decreased the share of aid towards research and development  - both in relation to GDP and total aid. Nonetheless, both Iceland and Norway granted a higher share of research and development aid in relation to total aid than the EU-27 average. Liechtenstein did not grant aid to research and development.

Only Norway has granted aid for environmental protection. However, Norway’s share of environmental aid in relation to total aid has decreased over the period reviewed and is lower than the EU-27 average.

The scoreboard is also published on the Authority’s website:


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