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State Aid: Norway's alternative fuels programme authorised




Five aid schemes for the deployment of recharging infrastructure for electric vehicles, shore-side electricity supply, refueling infrastructure for hydrogen and biofuels, as well as LNG supply to ships, were approved by the EFTA Surveillance Authority today.

The aid will be granted by Enova, a Norwegian state enterprise, under its alternative fuels programme.

«The development of sufficient refueling and recharging infrastructure represents a major challenge for the further development of alternative fuels for transport. Even for the most popular alternative fuels, such as electricity for road vehicles, the construction of recharging stations outside urban areas tends to be unprofitable,» Mr. Sven Erik Svedman, President of the Authority, noted.

As a result, the infrastructure required to allow electric vehicles to circulate freely across Norway is for now unlikely to be developed without state support. Similar problems are encountered by the other alternative fuels targeted by Enova's programme.

The Authority has come to the conclusion that the aid schemes to promote alternative fuels infrastructure fulfill the requirements of the EEA state aid rules. The selection process and the assessment undertaken by Enova will ensure that only projects that would not have been realised without state support are eligible, and that the aid is kept to the minimum necessary.



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