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State Aid: ESA authorises compensation to Hurtigruten in Norway




The EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA) has today approved the compensation granted by Norway to Hurtigruten for operating a coastal ferry route between Bergen and Kirkenes from 2012 to 2019.

“ESA has cleared the NOK 5 120 million coastal agreement for the period 2012–2019. However, ESA encourages Norway to facilitate more competition in future public procurement processes of this size”, says ESA president Sven Erik Svedman.


After receiving two complaints, ESA opened a formal investigation of the coastal agreement in December 2015. ESA has investigated whether or not the agreement provides over-compensation and cross-subsidization in breach of EEA rules.

Hurtigruten receives the compensation from Norway in order to perform daily sailings throughout the year with calls at 34 ports. The EEA Agreement permits public service compensation for services of general economic interest not provided by the market – such as the Bergen-Kirkenes coastal route.

After investigating, ESA has not found clear evidence of over-compensation and cross-subsidization. The margin of profit from the state compensation does not seem excessive, and Hurtigruten's commercial activities do not receive an undue advantage through a disproportionate contribution to the common costs of the service.

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