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State Aid: Evaluation plan approved for Norwegian R&D tax credit scheme




Today, the EFTA Surveillance Authority approved an evaluation plan submitted by the Norwegian authorities with reference to the «Skattefunn» aid scheme.

The scheme has an annual budget of NOK 2 350 million (approx. EUR 269 million) for the provision of tax credits for research and development projects.

The objective of the evaluation is to assess the positive and negative effects of the scheme. The evaluation will thus address inter alia the effectiveness of the scheme in furthering research and development projects, as well as the impact of the scheme on cross-border trade and competition.

The final evaluation report must be submitted to the Authority by 15 May 2018.

More details on the evaluation plan for the Skattefunn aid scheme will be available on the website of the Norwegian authorities:


About State aid evaluations under the GBER

The General Block exemption Regulation (GBER) comprises aid measures that are exempted from prior notification to the Authority on the basis of certain criteria and conditions.

Certain aid schemes with an annual budget of more than EUR 150 million are covered by the GBER only for an initial period of six months. If an EFTA State wishes to receive a prolongation of this coverage, it is strictly required to notify an evaluation plan to the Authority. Failure to do so, would require a notification of the scheme for state aid assessment by the Authority following the expiry of the six-month period.

The approval of an evaluation plan by the Authority does not imply compatibility with the EEA Agreement of the aid scheme concerned. It is the responsibility of the EFTA States to ensure the correct application of the GBER.

If the Authority cannot adopt a decision within the six-month period, the aid scheme will no longer be exempted under the GBER. In such a case, the EFTA State concerned will have to suspend the application of the scheme until a decision by the Authority can be adopted.


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