Scoreboard 6, May 2000

The EFTA Surveillance Authority made public on 18 May 2000 its Single Market Scoreboard - EFTA States No. 6, including the Interim Report on Transposition Status of Directives

The Single Market Scoreboard - EFTA States deals with the effectiveness of the Single Market rules in the three EFTA States, that is, with the implementation by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway of the Single Market directives that are part of the EEA Agreement, and with the Authority's infringement proceedings against these States with respect to failures to comply with the relevant Single Market rules applicable to them.

The present Single Market Scoreboard is issued concurrently with the Commission Single Market Scoreboard No. 6. In the full EEA context, a comparison between the 18 EEA States shows that and Liechtenstein (2,2%) holds the 5th place after Finland (1,4%), Spain (1,5%), Sweden (1,5%) and Denmark (2,0%). Norway (4,1%) and Iceland (4,6%) have slipped above the 4% threshold to the 13th and 14th place. Four EU States Greece (7,3%) Portugal (6,0%), France (5,2%) and Luxembourg (4,6%) continue to have a transposition deficit above 4%.

The Interim Report on Transposition Status of Directives gives the implementation status in the three EFTA States of all directives which have been made part of the EEA Agreement and which were to be implemented by 15 April 2000.

Also available on that website is information extracted from the Authority's Acquis Implementation Database (AIDA), which i.a. gives full information on the implementation status of directives relevant for the EEA Agreement, and on the Authority's actions in cases of non-implementation and partial implementation.  The website also lists the national legal measures implementing the directives in these EFTA States.

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