Scoreboard 7, November 2000

The EFTA Surveillance Authority made public 22 November 2000 its Single Market Scoreboard - EFTA States No 7, including the Interim Report on Transposition Status of Directives

The Single Market Scoreboard - EFTA States deals with the effectiveness of the Single Market rules in the three EFTA States, that is, with the implementation by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway of the Single Market directives that are part of the EEA Agreement, and with the Authority's infringement proceedings against these States with respect to failures to comply with the relevant Single Market rules.

The present Single Market Scoreboard was prepared at the same time as the Commission's Single Market Scoreboard No 7. A comparison of the 18 EEA States shows that Liechtenstein holds the 7th place, Norway is in 14th place and Iceland is in 17th place with only one EEA State having a higher transposition deficit.

The Scoreboard sets forth the main sectors where the rates of non-implementation of EEA rules by each EFTA State is above average and contains information on the average time delay in each State concerning Directives where implementation is overdue.  Furthermore, it is shown how timely the EFTA States transpose EEA rules relating to the information society.

The main conclusion concerning infringement proceedings is that the number of letters of formal notice have decreased, but the number of reasoned opinons increased.  The Scoreboard breaks down the reasoned opinions by sectors.  Furthermore, information on the ratio between letters of formal notice and closures of open cases, and between letters of formal notice and reasoned opinons, indicates an efficient effort by concerned parties on the EFTA side to solve disputes for alleged breaches of EEA rules.

The Single Market Scoreboard - EFTA States No 7, including the Interim Report may be obtained directly from the Authority (tel. +32 2 286.18.61). 

Also available on that website is information extracted from the Authority's Acquis Implementation Database (AIDA), which i.a. gives information on the implementation status of directives relevant for the EEA Agreement, the national legal measures notified by each State as implementing the directives, and on the Authority's actions in cases of non-implementation and partial implementation.

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