Scoreboard 8, May 2001

On 28 May 2001, the EFTA Surveillance Authority made public its Single Market Scoreboard EFTA States - No 8, containing statistical information comparable to the European Commission's Internal Market Scoreboard No 8.

The results on implementation of EEA directives in the Scoreboard indicate the following:

  • A comparison of the 18 EEA States shows that Liechtenstein holds 4th place, Iceland is in 16th place and Norway is in 17th place with only one EEA State having a higher transposition deficit.
  • Norway is losing momentum in implementing EEA acts on time, while Liechtenstein and Iceland show progress from the last Scoreboard.
  • The average transposition deficit of the EFTA States is 3%, compared to EU's 2,5%.
  • The EFTA States' delay in implementing overdue directives is increasing.
  • The fragmentation factor (directives not transposed by all States) stands currently at 6,6% (down from 8,8%) in the EFTA States, compared to 11,2% in the EU. Despite the positive development, the Single Market is still highly fragmented, leading to obstacles and limited rights.
  • Some problematic sectors for the EFTA States are: Iceland: Public procurement; Liechtenstein: Telecommunications; Norway: Veterinary issues.
  • The EFTA States' performance in the field of Environment is better than the EEA average.

As for infringement proceedings, the Scoreboard draws up the following picture:

  • The number of letters of formal notice has gone up, mainly to Iceland.
  • Fewer reasoned opinions have been sent and more cases referred to the EFTA Court.
  • The proportion of cases closed after receipt of letters of formal notice shows that cases are normally resolved at an early stage of the proceedings, and in this respect Iceland is doing best of the 18 EEA States.

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