Scoreboard 10, May 2002

On 16 May 2002, the EFTA Surveillance Authority made public its Internal Market Scoreboard EFTA States - No 10, which was prepared at the same time as the European Commission's Internal Market Scoreboard No 10.

The results in the Scoreboard concerning implementation of EEA directives by the EFTA States indicate the following:

  • A comparison of the 18 EEA States' performance concerning timely implementation of directives shows that Norway is performing best among the EEA States with a 0,5% transposition deficit, followed by Sweden (0,7%) and Denmark (0,7%). Iceland (0,8%) is in 4th place and Liechtenstein (1,6%) is in 10th place.
  • All the EFTA States have made progress and reduced their backlog of directives not yet fully transposed.
  • The average transposition deficit for  the EFTA States is 1%.
  • The fragmentation factor (directives not transposed by all States) currently stands at 2,4% (down from 3,9%) in the EFTA States, compared to 7,7% in the EU. Despite this positive development, the Internal Market is still fragmented, which creates obstacles to trade and limits the rights of individuals and business operators.
  • The most problematic areas for Liechtenstein seems to be the fields of audio-visual & telecommunication services and consumer protection.  Iceland is having difficulties in the area of labour law and Norway could improve in the sector of environment.

As for infringement proceedings, the Scoreboard displays the following picture:

  • Among the EFTA States most open infringement cases arising from non-conformity or incorrect application are against Norway (31). 13 cases are pending against Iceland and 11 against Liechtenstein.  This, nevertheless, puts the EFTA States in the most favourable position in the EEA.
  • Examination of the proportion of cases closed after receipt of letters of formal notice shows that, of the 18 EEA States, Iceland is doing best in solving cases at an early stage in the proceedings, whereas Norway and Liechtenstein rank at mid-level.

The Internal Market Scoreboard - EFTA States No 10 may be found on the Authority's website or obtained directly from the Authority (tel. +32 2 286 18 72).  For further information, please contact Mr. Jónas Fr. Jónsson, Director (tel. +32 2 286 18 60).

Also available on the website is information extracted from the Authority's Acquis Implementation Database (AIDA), which, among other things, gives information on the implementation status of directives relevant to the EEA Agreement, the national legal measures notified by each EFTA State as implementing the directives, and the Authority's actions in cases of non-implementation and partial implementation.

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