Scoreboard, January 2005

The Internal Market Scoreboard EFTA States January 2005 shows that:

For the first time since 2001, the EFTA States together fail to meet the interim target of a transposition deficit of less than 1.5%.

  • This is due first of all to Liechtenstein, which now has a transposition deficit of 2.7%, its worst performance since 2000, placing it no. 14 out of the 28 EEA States.
  • With a transposition deficit of 1.4%, Iceland has improved slightly and is now no. 4 in an EEA 28 context.
  • Norway has fallen back to a 1% percent deficit, but is still at the top of the league of the 28 EEA States.

The average transposition delays for the three EFTA States lie between four and a half and five months.

Technical barriers to trade with regard to dangerous substances is the sector with the highest number of directives not transposed on time.

The number of infringement proceedings initiated by the Authority against the EFTA States remains stable, and is low compared to similar figures for proceedings by the European Commission against the EU Member States.

The EFTA Internal Market Scoreboard is a biannual Report measuring how well the three EEA EFTA States succeed in implementing Internal Market rules and principles. The Report is issued in parallel with the European Commission's Internal Market Scoreboard, which provides similar information for the 25 EU Member States.

The European Economic Area is based on common rules whose aim is to facilitate the free movement of goods, persons, services and capital. Correct and timely implementation of these common rules by the EEA States is essential to ensure that the rights of citizens and businesses of the EEA States can be enjoyed in full.

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