Scoreboard, July 2009

The Internal Market Scoreboard - July 2009 which is published in parallel with the Internal Market Scoreboard of the European Commission, shows that the average transposition deficit of the EEA EFTA States has decreased to an excellent 0.7%. This is the best ever result so far for the EEA EFTA States. The average transposition deficit of the EU Member States remains at 1.0%.

With their lowest ever transposition deficits of 0.4% and 0.5%, Norway and Liechtenstein comply with the 1.0% interim target, while Iceland's deficit, at 1.1%, is only slightly above the target. All three EEA EFTA States are thus far better positioned in the performance table than at the time of the previous Scoreboard, and both Norway and Liechtenstein are among the top 10 performers in the EEA.

Iceland has now two directives overdue by more than two years, whilst Liechtenstein and Norway have no such long overdue directives. Furthermore, both Norway and Liechtenstein were able to reduce their transposition delays, which are now at 5 and 6 months respectively. Regrettably, Iceland's transposition delay rose to almost 15 months.

Regarding regulations, a positive trend can be seen in the transposition of regulations by Iceland.

The overall number of infringement cases due to lack of conformity with or incorrect application of Internal Market rules decreased slightly from the time of the previous Scoreboard. In comparison to the EU Member States, the number of such infringement proceedings against the EEA EFTA States continues to be low.

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