Internal Market Scoreboard

Twice yearly ESA publishes the Internal Market Scoreboard. The Scoreboard keeps track of implementation by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway of internal market directives.

Since 1997, the European Commission and the EFTA Surveillance Authority have issued the Internal Market Scoreboard to monitor how well the EU States and the EEA EFTA States comply with their obligations to ensure timely transposition of Internal Market directives.

The purpose of the EFTA Internal Market Scoreboard is to monitor:

  • to what extent the EFTA States notify transposition of new EEA directives on time; and
  • the transposition backlog and average delays in transposition of directives.

In addition to the information concerning the transposition of Internal Market directives into national law, the Scoreboard provides information on the number of infringement proceedings initiated against the EFTA States for failure to apply EEA legislation correctly as well as for failure to transpose directives on time.

Finally, the last Chapter of the Scoreboard provides information concerning the transposition of Internal Market regulations by the EFTA States as well as infringement proceedings relating to non-timely transposition of regulations.

Scoreboard, July 2019
Scoreboard, July 2019 (updated from March 2019)
Scoreboard, March 2019
Scoreboard, July 2018
Scoreboard, July 2018 (updated from April 2018)
Scoreboard, April 2018
Scoreboard, September 2017
Scoreboard, July 2017 (updated from January 2017)
Scoreboard, January 2017
Scoreboard, September 2016 
Scoreboard, July 2016
Scoreboard, October 2015
Scoreboard, April 2015

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