Legal framework

Articles 61 to 64 plus 59 and 49 of the EEA Agreement set out the overarching legal framework on state aid.

Annex XV to the EEA Agreement contains binding secondary legislation, such as the General Block Exemption Regulation (GBER), the de minimis regulations (general and SGEI), the SGEI Decision and the Transparency Directive.

Protocol 27 to the EEA Agreement sets out rules on the cooperation between ESA and the European Commission.

Protocol 26 to the EEA Agreement and the Agreement between the EFTA States on the establishment of a surveillance authority and a court of justice (the “SCA”) and its Protocol 3 sets out the powers of ESA in the field of state aid. The latter is complemented by ESA's Decision No 195/04/COL

ESA regularly adopts guidelines on the interpretation of the state aid rules. 

Other EEA Institutions

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