State aid e-news, 18 September 2009


VII. European Economic Area

Based on the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA), the EFTA States participating in the EEA have entrusted the EFTA Surveillance Authority and the EFTA Court with similar decision making powers to that of the Commission and the European Court of Justice, respectively, in the field of state aid for the EFTA states.

1. Decisions of the EFTA Surveillance Authority

Country Title/links to documents Case number Objective Decision date
Newly adopted decisions

Public versions of decisions made available

EFTA Surveillance Authority Decision No 342/09/COL of 23 July 2009 on an exemption from the Norwegian CO2 tax on gas and LPG on the use of gas for purposes other than the heating of buildings

Press release

63913 Environment 23/07/2009
Decisions published in the OJ

2. Block Exemptions - Information sheets published in the OJ


3. State Aid Guidelines


4. EFTA Court


5. Other EEA points of interest


Other EEA Institutions

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