Iceland 2015 - State aid register


Decision number DateType Title Press release OJ-referenceRelated EFTA Court procedure
16.9Court referralFailure to recover illegal state aid granted on the basis of the Icelandic Investment Incentives Scheme
PR(15)44 - E-25/15
30.6Opening formal investigationThe rent of land and property in the Gufunes area
PR(15)30 C 316 24.9.2015 p. 22
260/15/COL 30.6PositiveAlleged state aid granted to Siminn for the roll-out of broadband services in rural areas in Iceland
PR(15)29 L 326 1.12.2016 p. 18  
238/15/COL 17.6Closing formal investigation2014 PCC Power Contract and 2014 Transmission Agreement
  C 52
p. 14

208/15/COL 20.5Opening formal investigationAlleged unlawful state aid granted to Íslandsbanki hf. and Arion banki hf. through loan conversion agreements on allegedly preferential terms
PR(15)22 C 316 24.9.2015 p. 6 
207/15/COL 20.5No aidSale of electricity to PCC at Bakki
PR(15)21 C 282 27.8.2015 p. 3
206/15/COL 20.5No aidTransmission of electricity to PCC at Bakki
PR(15)21 C 282 27.8.2015 p. 3
67/15/COL 25.3No aidSale and transmission of electricity to United Silicon hf.
PR(15)12 C 232 16.7.2015 p. 12

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