Iceland 2011 - State aid register

Decision number Date TypeTitle Press release OJ-reference
392/11/COL 14.12No aid Power contract between Landsvirkjun and Íslenska kísilfélagið ehf  PR(11)76

C 76 15.3.2012 p. 10

391/11/COL 14.12No aidPower contract between the National Power Company in Iceland (Landsvirkjun) and Alcan for Straumsvík Aluminium Plant  PR(11)76 C 76 15.3.2012 p. 9
364/11/COL 23.11Closing formal investigation The relief of the Icelandic Housing Financing Fund Íbúðalánasjóður (HFF) from payment of a state guarantee premium  - L 82 22.3.2012 p. 16 
363/11/COL 23.11Opening formal investigationAid granted to three Icelandic investment banks through rescheduled loans on preferential terms  PR(11)73 C 21 26.1.2012
p. 2
325/11/COL 19.10No objectionsThe acquisition of Byr hf by Íslandsbanki and the prolongation of the temporary approval of the subordinated loan facility granted to Byr hf PR(11)70

C 16 19.1.2012 

300/11/COL 5.10No aidLina.Net and Reykjavik Energy - C 10 12.1.2012 p. 6
247/11/COL 18.7Proposing appropriate measures The financing of the Icelandic Housing Financing Fund Íbúðalánasjóður (HFF) PR(11)58 -
206/11/COL 29.6Negative

The Mortgage Loan Scheme

PR(11)41 L 323
p. 20 
127/11/COL  13.4No objectionsAmendments to the rescue aid scheme involving settlement of claims owned by the Central Bank of Iceland on savings banks PR(11)30 C 222
p. 5
126/11/COL  13.4No objections
Aid for the establishment and capitalisation of Byr hf PR(11)31 C 222
p. 8
88/11/COL 23.3No objectionsA scheme to support innovation companies PR(11)21 C 182 23.6.2011
69/11/COL 16.3No objectionsRescue aid to the Icelandic Housing Financing Fund (Íbúðalánasjódur) PR(11)16 C 182 23.3.2011
p. 11
38/11/COL 9.2Proposing appropriate measures 
The financing of the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service Ríkisútvarpið (RÚV) PR(11)07 -

Other EEA Institutions

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