Iceland 2012 - State aid register

Decision number DateTypeTitle Press release OJ-referenceRelated EFTA Court procedure
521/12/COL 19.12Closing formal investigationAid to three Icelandic investment banks through rescheduled loans on preferential terms PR(12)85 L 132 16.5.2013
p. 11
410/12/COL 21.11No aidAlleged aid through subsidised lease of optical fibres previously operated on behalf of NATO  PR(12)69 C 193 4.7.2013
p. 10 
292/12/COL 11.7PositiveAid granted in the winding up of certain investment funds connected to New Glitnir, New Landsbankinn and New Kaupþing PR(12)48 C 384 13.12.2012 p. 8   
291/12/COL 11.7ConditionalRestructuring aid to Arion Bank PR(12)49  L 144 15.5.2014 p. 169 
290/12/COL 11.7ConditionalRestructuring aid to Landsbankinn PR(12)49 L 144 15.5.2014 p. 121 
262/12/COL   4.7No objectionsAmendments to the support scheme relating to temporary reimbursement in respect of film making PR(12)40 C 376
p. 6 
261/12/COL 4.7Closing formal investigation/
No aid, phase 2/
Municipal tax measures; the sale of real estate; and the sale of electricity to Verne PR(12)43  L 324 4.7.2013
p. 21
244/12/COL 27.6ConditionalRestructuring aid granted to Íslandsbanki PR(12)38 L 144 15.5.2014 p. 70 
226/12/COL 20.6No objectionsThe acquisition of Sparisjodur Svarfdaela by Landsbankinn PR(12)34 C 376
p. 4
213/12/COL 30.5No aidRepair of the Ship Lift in the Westman Islands PR(12)29 L 287 18.10.2012
p. 14

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