Iceland 2012 - State aid register

Decision number DateTypeTitle Press release OJ-referenceRelated EFTA Court procedure
521/12/COL 19.12Closing formal investigationState aid to three Icelandic investment banks through rescheduled loans on preferential terms PR(12)85 L 132 16.5.2013
p. 11
410/12/COL 21.11No aidAlleged aid through subsidised lease of optical fibres previously operated on behalf of NATO  PR(12)69 C 193 4.7.2013
p. 10 
292/12/COL 11.7PositiveEFTA Surveillance Authority Decision of 11 July 2012 regarding state aid granted in the winding up of certain investment funds connected to New Glitnir, New Landsbankinn and New Kaupþing PR(12)48 C 384
291/12/COL 11.7ConditionalRestructuring aid to Arion Bank PR(12)49  L 144 15.5.2014 p. 169 
290/12/COL 11.7ConditionalRestructuring aid to Landsbankinn PR(12)49 L 144 15.5.2014 p. 121 
262/12/COL   4.7No objectionsAmendments to the support scheme relating to temporary reimbursement in respect of film making PR(12)40 C 376
p. 6 
261/12/COL 4.7Closing formal investigation/
No aid, phase 2/
Municipal tax measures; the sale of real estate; and the sale of electricity to Verne PR(12)43  L 324 4.7.2013
p. 21
244/12/COL 27.6ConditionalRestructuring aid granted to Íslandsbanki PR(12)38 L 144 15.5.2014 p. 70 
226/12/COL 20.6No objectionsThe acquisition of Sparisjodur Svarfdaela by Landsbankinn PR(12)34 C 376
p. 4
213/12/COL 30.5No aidRepair of the Ship Lift in the Westman Islands PR(12)29 L 287 18.10.2012
p. 14

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