Iceland 2013 - State aid register


Decision number Date Type Title Press release  OJ-reference
540/13/COL 18.12No objectionsRestructuring aid to Vestmannaeyjar Savings Bank PR(13)90 C 81 20.3.2014 p. 6
539/13/COL 18.12No objections
Restructuring aid to Nordfjordur Savings Bank PR(13)90 C 81 20.3.2014 p. 7
 496/13/COL 11.12PositiveThe financing of Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre PR(13)87  L 172 12.6.2014 p. 36
 495/13/COL 11.12No objections
The prolongation of the Icelandic regional aid map 2007-2013 until 30 June 2014 - C 66 6.3.2014
p. 13 
444/13/COL 13.11No objections
The deployment of a Next Generation Access network in the municipality of Skeiða- and Gnúpverjahreppur PR(13)82  C 66 6.3.2014 p. 6
318/13/COL 11.9Acceptance of appropriate measures
The financing of the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service Ríkisútvarpið PR(13)73 C 347 28.11.2013 p. 8
 305/13/COL 10.7ConditionalThe recapitalisation of Sjóvá Insurance Company PR(13)65 L 242 14.8.2014 p. 33 
 302/13/COL 10.7Opening formal investigationPotential state aid granted to Síminn for the roll-out of broadband services in rural areas in Iceland PR(13)62 C 347 28.11.2013 p. 11
177/13/COL 30.4Opening formal investigation
The Investment Incentives Scheme and certain Investment Agreements PR(13)36 C 237 15.8.2013
p. 4 
159/13/COL 24.4Acceptance of appropriate measures
Existing state aid granted to Landsvirkjun and Orkuveita Reykjavíkur through unlimited state guarantees PR(13)35 C 237 15.8.2013
p. 3
145/13/COL 10.4No aidAlleged state aid to Landsbankinn through the forgoing of an expected return on public funds PR(13)30 C 229 8.8.2013 p.17
128/13/COL 20.3Opening formal investigation
Allaged unlawful state aid to Harpa Concert Hall PR(13)25 C 229 8.8.2013
p. 18
  3/13/COL 16.1Opening formal investigation
Certain amendments to Act No 50/1988 on Value Added Tax applicable to customers of Icelandic data centres PR(13)01 C 111 18.4.2013 p. 5

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