Iceland 2014 - State aid register


Decision number DateType Title Press release OJ-referenceRelated EFTA Court procedure 
 543/14/COL 10.12Opening formal investigationThe Power Contract and the Transmission Agreement for the PCC Silicon Metal Plant at Bakki PR(14)69
C 92 19.3.2015 p. 3
 404/14/COL 8.10NegativeThe Investment Incentive Scheme in Iceland PR(14)64  L 63
p. 9
 299/14/COL 16.7Opening formal investigation
The lease of an optical fibre previously operated on behalf of NATO PR(14)49  C 366 16.10.2014 p. 4  
 298/14/COL 16.7Acceptance of appropriate measures
Existing aid to the Icelandic Housing Financing Fund (Íbúðalánasjóður) PR(14)50  C 400
p. 5
 272/14/COL 9.7No aid

Alleged aid to Icelandair

 PR(14)46 C 400
p. 12
 193/14/COL 8.5NegativeCertain amendments to Act No 50/1988 on Value Added Tax applicable to customers of Icelandic data centres PR(14)31 L 55
p. 9
 170/14/COL 24.4No objectionsThe Icelandic regional aid map 2014-2020 PR(14)28 L 201 10.7.2014 p. 33  
 111/14/COL 12.3No objectionsInvestment aid to PCC Bakki PR(14)14  L 207 3.7.2014 p. 42  
 90/14/COL  26.2No objectionsThe public financing of harbour infrastructure at Húsavik PR(14)09  C 196 26.6.2014 p. 4  

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