Norway 2008 - State aid register

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17.12No objections

The alteration to the scheme for research and development concerning gas technologies with improved environmental performance (“Gassnova”)

- C 145 25.6.2009 p. 17
785/08/COL 17.12No objectionsInnovation aid scheme administered by the Norwegian Industry Development Corporation (SIVA SF) PR(08)79 C 58 12.3.2009 p. 13
10.12No objectionsThe prolongation of the support schemes to audiovisual production, film related activities and film production companies PR(08)76 C 58 12.3.2009 p. 11
3.12No objectionsAmendments to the Norwegian Tonnage Tax system PR(08)75 C 58 12.3.2009 p. 10
3.12No objectionsNorwegian Wood-based Innovation Scheme PR(08)74 C 58 12.3.2009 p. 12
26.11No aid

Alleged state aid given to the fishing company H. Østervold AS through the sale of land

- C 58 12.3.2009 p. 14
668/08/COL 29.10Closing formal investigation

Regional aid for transport of round wood

- C 58 12.3.2009 p. 15
1.10No aid

The proposed sale of the property known as ‘Hillesøyfyllinga' [property 189/196] by the Municipality of Tromsø (Norway)

- C 64 19.3.2009 p. 37
16.7No objections

Test Centre Mongstad

PR(08)51 C 297 20.11.2008 p. 11
16.7No objections

CO2 tax exemption and reduced heating oil tax rate

PR(08)50 C 297 20.11.2008 p. 12
16.7No objections

A temporary exemption in relation to an environmental agreement between fourteen business organisations and the Norwegian State relating to reduction of Nitrogen Oxide (“NOx”) emissions

PR(08)49 C 297 20.11.2008 p. 13
9.7No objections

A change to the Norwegian tax refund scheme for seafarers

PR(08)42 C 263 16.10.2008 p. 2
2.7No objectionsProlongation of the support schemes to audiovisual production, film related activities and film production companies PR(08)37 C 256 9.10.2008 p. 12
358/08/COL 11.6Opening formal investigationRegional aid for transport of round wood PR(08)31 C 35 12.2.2009 p. 8
11.6No objectionsTax refund scheme for seafarers aboard passenger vessels in the Norwegian Ordinary Shipping Register (NOR) PR(08)30 L 295 12.11.2009 p. 14
17.3ConditionalGrants to unpaid labour in research and development activities PR(08)16 L 332 17.12.2009 p. 23
167/08/COL 12.3Closing formal investigation

Alleged unlawful state aid to the undertaking Troms Tre AS

- L 41 12.2.2009 p. 26
166/08/COL 12.3Closing case

Alleged aid to the Norwegian reindeer slaughter industry

- L 41 12.2.2009 p. 24
13.2No objectionsThe Norwegian Space Centre support scheme PR(08)7 C 118 15.5.2008 p. 29
23.1No aid, phase 2/

The Wood Scheme

PR(08)3 L 323 10.12.2009 p. 31

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